Text Message and Email Notifications

Cell Phone

The KeyVault software allows you to schedule real-time email or text message notifications. The system records every transaction so you can review accurate records daily, weekly or monthly.

Instant Text Message Alerts

KeyVault offers the ability to set time limits on keys so you can be sure that prescheduled demos and service run efficiently and on time. But how do you enforce these time limits?

Because the entire key management process is automated, you can have the KeyVault system send a text message or email to a predetermined recipient any time a key is overdue for return. This allows you to quickly address any issues before they throw off your dealership’s schedule.

Scheduled Email Notifications

Every transaction that occurs on the KeyVault system appears on the Key Activity report, giving you confidence that your audit trail is 100 percent verifiable. The report contains transaction details such as who checked out a key and when, if keys were checked out longer than the allotted time and more. The reports are automatically emailed to predefined recipients.

User Notifications

Management can also instantly notify system users of system procedures, changes to key checkout time frames, etc. — all from the manager's desk. Group notifications can be sent to recipients' cell phones or email inboxes. The KeyVault system can also display a pop-up the next time users log in to the machine.