KeyVault System Cleaning Guidelines

Below is the recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedure for KeyVault products based on current CDC recommendations.

General guidelines for disinfecting your KeyVault system:

  1. Select only non-abrasive, lint-free cleaning cloths to avoid scratching surfaces.
  2. Do NOT get liquids inside the units. If liquids get inside the unit, have a qualified technician determine whether it is safe to power the unit back on.
  3. Do NOT use highly concentrated alcohol (above 70 percent), bleach, or ammonia solutions, as these may cause discoloration.

Recommended disinfecting procedure:

  • Dampen a new clean, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol (70 percent solution). Ensure excess moisture is squeezed from the cloth.
  • Disinfect the surfaces and allow them to dry.

Do NOT use the following materials when disinfecting your KeyVault system as they can damage the surfaces:

  • Alcohol at concentration > 70 percent
  • Methyl or ethyl > 35 percent
  • Thinner or benzine
  • Strong alkali lyes
  • Strong solvents
  • Acids
  • Detergents with fluoride
  • Detergents with ammonia at concentration > 1.6 percent
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Detergents with abrasives
  • Steel wool
  • Sponges with abrasives
  • Steel blades
  • Cloth with steel threads
  • 409

The information above is also available on a flyer, which we recommend downloading, printing, and keeping close to your system so everybody is aware of the correct disinfecting procedure. Our support team is available if you have any other questions about your KeyVault system.

We are determined to get through this situation together with you and wish the best for you, your employees, and your families.