Select Services Plan

Under the Select Service Plan, clients in major metropolitan areas can receive up to three on-site visits per year. Our field engineers will travel to your dealership to offer training, perform system maintenance or help you move a system to a new location.

Maximize System Use With Training

A field engineer will travel to your dealership to train you and your employees on how to maximize your KeyVault system usage.

Inspect, Maintain and Repair Your System

To keep your system running at peak efficiency, one of our field engineers will inspect your system on-site to check for and repair any issues. This ensures that you’ll experience as little unplanned downtime as possible.

Move Your Hardware to a New Location

At some point, you may decide to move the KeyVault system within your dealership or to a new business location. It’s necessary to have a field engineer present to ensure the move goes smoothly with minimal system downtime.

The Select Services Plan is available to both current and new customers. For more information and to sign up for the Select Services Plan, contact us today.