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February 25, 2011

KeyVault's DMS Integration Solution

KeyVault’s DMS Integration Solutions provide sales representatives access to vehicle information through the KeyVault system as soon as it is recorded in your DMS system, making every vehicle on your lot more readily available for your sales prospects. In addition, the Integration Solution eliminates the administrative task of re-entering data – ultimately reducing human error and increasing efficiency.
February 11, 2011

KeyVault Attends NADA February 5-7 in San Francisco

Attendees of NADA dropped by Booth #4064N to learn what makes KeyVault one of the most advanced key control systems in the auto industry. KeyVault personnel were on hand demonstrating features and discussing updates, as well as showing how KeyVault can solve a dealership's key control issues.
February 27, 2009

KeyVault label printer improves organization, makes identifying keytags easier

From time to time at dealerships, it is necessary for individuals to have multiple sets of keys out. Whether it is a porter moving cars around on the lot, or a sales representative performing demos of multiple vehicles for a customer, not knowing which key operates which vehicle can hamper efficiency and create confusion. Many dealers used handwritten stickers to label their keytags, however these "DIY" labels can be hard to read and the adhesive can ruin the keytag.
January 19, 2009

KeyVault eSync eases the information exchange between DMS, KeyVault

KeyVault's new eSync software automatically retrieves new vehicle data from a DMS system. If a user has a vehicle's stock number, they can enter it into KeyVault system, and electronically import the fields such as make, model, year, color and VIN. This eliminates the need to manually reenter the information into the KeyVault system, reducing the possibility of human error and improving efficiency. Additionally, sales representatives can have access to a vehicle as soon as it is in the DMS.
January 9, 2009

KeyVault text messaging feature notifies managers when keys are out past an allotted time

The KeyVault key security system can send a default text message notifying a sales representative – or a manager – if a key has been checked out past an allotted time. This reminder increases accountability and reduces the possibility of an individual unintentionally keeping a key.
February 8, 2007

KeyVault Demos Latest Revision at NADA 2007

The latest refinements to the KeyVault key control system were presented at the National Auto Dealers Association trade show, February 3 to February 6, in Las Vegas. The show drew thousands of dealers and management staff from around the country.
February 20, 2006

KeyVault Overhauls Web Management Application

Effective February 20, 2006, KeyVault, a state of the art computerized key management system, has renovated its web-based management application to make it more beneficial for KeyVault customers. Web management allows users to connect between multiple locations, view and email reports, and have visibility of the KeyVault system within the dealership.
February 11, 2006

KeyVault Upgrades Operating System to Windows® XP

Effective February 11, 2006, all new KeyVault systems will come installed with Windows® XP. Previously, KeyVault operated on Windows® 2000. Windows® XP includes several enhancements to the already secure and efficient KeyVault system.