KeyVault Upgrades Operating System to Windows® XP

February 11, 2006

Effective February 11, 2006, all new KeyVault systems will come installed with Windows® XP. Previously, KeyVault operated on Windows® 2000. Windows® XP includes several enhancements to the already secure and efficient KeyVault system.

Windows® Firewall - The built-in firewall increases computer security and reduces the risk of Internet-based attacks from start up to shut down of the system.

Setup with Dynamic Update - Operating system files are kept up to date with the Windows® XP Setup routine. Before any files are installed, Setup checks for critical system updates and downloads them for installation.

Troubleshooting - Windows® XP includes more advanced options for troubleshooting the operating systems.  Administrators can configure, optimize, and troubleshoot numerous Windows XP functions.

Remote Support - Windows® XP allows the KeyVault Support team to access and support a client's KeyVault system via the Internet.

KeyVault will continue to support the existing systems running on the Windows® 2000 operating system.  To find out more about the new Windows® XP upgrade or how KeyVault can amplify your business call 877.KEYVAULT

About KeyVault:

KeyVault is an electronic key security system that gives dealerships the ability to account for vehicle keys at all times. The KeyVault system features a touchscreen and biometric fingerprint reader, creating a verifiable audit trail and enabling users to check keys out quickly without compromising security. Its web-based management technology allows clients to access the KeyVault system from any computer with internet access. To learn more about KeyVault, call 866.563.0629 or email