KeyVault text messaging feature notifies managers when keys are out past an allotted time

January 9, 2009

The KeyVault key security system can send a default text message notifying a sales representative – or a manager – if a key has been checked out past an allotted time. This reminder increases accountability and reduces the possibility of an individual unintentionally keeping a key.

KeyVault New Product Development Manager Keith Beyer said, "The text messaging feature is actually something that has been available for some time. This feature has seen an increase in use with the growing popularity of text messaging."

In addition to the "past due" text message notification, managers can also send customized text messages via cell phone using the KeyVault system. These can be administration-based messages, such as a company meeting or change in company policy.

Individuals wanting to receive notification by text messaging are able to enter their phone service provider in one of the user administration fields of the KeyVault system. This is important because messages intended for one service provider but sent to a phone with a different service provider have the possibility of corrupting. This feature greatly reduces the chance of messages sent via the KeyVault system of corrupting and being misunderstood.

"KeyVault's software was developed specifically for text messaging," Beyer said. "However other products – in an attempt to keep up with public demand – are now configuring systems to send text messages that were not initially designed to do so."

Text messaging offers an advantage in that almost everyone has a cell phone on his or her person. Whether an individual is a sales representative or a mechanic, a text message can be sent notifying the individual that a key has not been returned. Managers can also be notified by text messaging if a key that has been out past the allotted time.

About KeyVault:

KeyVault is an electronic key security system that gives dealerships the ability to account for vehicle keys at all times. The KeyVault system features a touchscreen and biometric fingerprint reader, creating a verifiable audit trail and enabling users to check keys out quickly without compromising security. Its web-based management technology allows clients to access the KeyVault system from any computer with internet access. To learn more about KeyVault, call 866.563.0629 or email