KeyVault Helps Bennett Automotive Group Improve Key Control Processes

January 22, 2015

In a recent testimonial letter, Bennett Automotive Group in Allentown, PA shared how KeyVault has helped the group find vehicle keys quickly, keep employees accountable and automatically maintain DMS records.

"When we purchased our first KeyVault back in early 2011, we had extensive key control issues in our Toyota store that we were trying to solve," said Robert Migliaccio, service director for Bennett. "The KeyVault system completely solved those issues within days of the installation and almost 4 years later our keys are still under control."

The group implemented KeyVault at three additional stores in 2014.

To download the complete testimonial, click here.

About KeyVault

KeyVault is an electronic key security system that gives dealerships the ability to account for vehicle keys at all times. The KeyVault system features a touchscreen and biometric fingerprint reader, creating a verifiable audit trail and enabling users to check keys out quickly without compromising security. Its web-based management technology allows clients to access the KeyVault system from any computer with internet access. To learn more about KeyVault, call 866.563.0629 or email